Publications - a year in view

Dear Friends

I wanted to share with you what I have produced this year and what I already are planning for 2016.

This year has been a  very productive year. I have tried to comment on today's challenges and opportunities as well as a political commentry on the sustainable development agenda more generally.

I enjoy writing and had the opporunity to work with some great people this year.

Governance for Sustainable Development (May 2015) and I had the pleasure in editing it with  S. Luna, H. Lim, O. Rebedea, D. Banisar, and Q. McKew, A  New World Frontiers book . I also wrote two chapters on:
  • Key questions for an interlinked and coherent governance for the review and follow-up of the post 2015 agenda and its SDG and the Addis Ababa commitments, and 
  • Partnerships lessons from the first ten years of Type 2 Partnerships commitments 

The Handbook of Water and Health (October 2015) edited by Jamie Bartram. I contributed a chapter:
  •  International Policy with J. Bartram, G. Kayser and B.Gordon, B. on  published by Routledge

A number of these articles have appeared on other web sites but these are the original publishign homes.
  1. Maurice Strong: A Sustainable Life (December 2015) by F.Dodds and M.Strauss, London Guardian 
  2. Once in a lifetime chance for green growth and travelism  (September 2015) by F.Dodds and  G.Lipman, London Guardian 
  3. The year of negotiating precariously (August 2015) by F. Dodds and M. Strauss, M.  London, Guardian
  4. Financing the New Urban Nexus, (June 2015) by F. Dodds New York, Citiscope
  5. We Know What Sustainable Development Should Look Like – Now Lets Do it (May 2015)  by F. Dodds,  Ensia
  6. Is a Minority government good for a progressive agenda and good for governance? (April 2015) by F. Dodds, F and M. Jones, London, Liberal Voice
I have had the chance to produce two more thoughtful papers and i hope they have been useful in the thinking in particular around stakeholders engagement in the UN and around partnerships for the SDGs.
  1. Multi-stakeholder partnerships: making them work for the Post-2015 Development (February 2015) UNDESA, New York
  2. Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (November 2015) New World Frontiers
It has been a very busy December as far as far as interviews are concerned.
  1. Towards a better world the new sustainable development goals and why you should care (December 2015) Forbes interview by Terry Waghorn
  2. A Tribute to Maurice Strong (December 2015) Think Global Radio interview by Dave Trouba
  3. Deutsche Welle: Living Planet: Father Christmas and the environment (December 2015 by Dr Irene Quaile-Kersken
Popular blogs 
I wanted to thank those of you who have read my blog over the last year or so. Readership this year has gone up considerable with the SDG negotiations to around 15,000 on a good month. I will be introducing more guest blogs next year and have started do that. In  particular I want to highlight some of the  next generation of sustainable development activists views. 

The top 10 blogs of 2015 are the following.


I already have some publications for 2016 already prepared or being worked on. 

I have two books which will be published in 2016.
  1. The Water, Food, Energy and Climate Nexus: Challenges and an agenda for action -  (May 2016) Edited by Felx Dodds and Jamie Bartram with Foreword from Prince Charles, Routledge
  2. Negotiating the Sustainable Development Goals: A transformational agenda for an insecure world  (September 2016)  by  Felix Dodds and Jimena Leiva Roesch , Routledge 
  1. UNEP Perspective on Major Groups and Stakeholders work with UNEP (March 2016) by Felix Dodds and Mark Halle 
  1. Santa Claus Takes on Climate Change (November 2016) by Felix Dodds, Michael Strauss and John Charles, Comics Uniting Nations


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