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The path to Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals The latest meeting of the UN Sustainable Development Goals Open Working Group (SDG OWG) met for three days last week. For those who are not aware the SDG OWG is one of the positive outcomes from the Rio+20 Conference last year.   It put sustainable development at the center of the post 2015 development goals which will be agreed in late 2015. Initially it had a troubled birth because 70 countries wanted the 30 seats. This in the end caused some very interesting pairing up breaking down traditional groupings. The most interesting ones I think are the following: ·          USA/Canada/Israel ·          Cyprus/Singapore/UEA ·          India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka ·          Iran/Japan/Nepal ·          Denmark/Ireland/Norway ·          Italy/Spain/Turkey This is not to mention many of the others are paired within a geographical region. This may mean that the traditional groupsings of the European Union and G77 may play less a role as

Thursday April 11th from 1:30pm to 3pm Ottawa

Le français suit Invitation :  Perspectives from Mr. Felix Dodds, ‘‘The  Road from Rio+20 to the Post-2015 Development Goals’’ Dear colleagues, On the occasion of his visit to Ottawa, the Canadian Commission for UNESCO is pleased to invite you to hear the perspectives of  Mr. Felix Dodds ‘‘The Road from Rio+20 to the Post-2015 Development Goals’’ , to be followed by an informal discussion and question period. Thursday April 11 th  from 1:30pm to 3pm Canadian Commission for UNESCO 3 50 Albert Street, Ottawa Constitution Square Tower II, 12 th  floor, meeting room # 2 Mr. Dodds is the  former Executive Director of the Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future and author of  Only One Earth – The Long Road Via Rio to Sustainable Development . He has a vast knowledge of UN related processes and is involved in the international preparation of the post 2015 development goals (short biography below). We hope you will take the opportunity to join us in this informal discussion.  Pleas