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Key Sustainability Dates for 2024

January 1 st Italy assumes the G7 Presidency. (50 th Anniversary) 1 st Brazil assumes the G20 Presidency Austria's election in the fall of 2024 date yet not known. South African election in 2024 date yet not known. 20 th – 23 rd January Third South Summit, Kampala Uganda (chair of G77) January/February Pakistan election 30 th ECOSOC Partnership Forum - Reinforcing the 2030 Agenda and eradicating poverty in times of multiple crises: the effective delivery of sustainable, resilient and innovative solutions” February 14 th Indonesia Election 19-23 February:  Sixth Meeting of the Open-ended Committee of Permanent Representatives, UNEP, Nairobi, Kenya 26 th February – 1 March: United Nations Environment Forum 6 , Nairobi Kenya 27 th February – 1 st March: UN Statistical Commission New York, USA 26 th -29 th February:   WTO Ministerial Conference , Abu Dhabi, UEA March 17 th Russian Election 18 th -21 st March: Global Methane Forum an

Overview of my 2023 publications

Dear Friends, I've collected together my publications for 2023 in case you missed some and might have a few moments over Christmas to read them. Good oldies that are worth having if you do not have them yet are  Heroes in Environmental Diplomacy: Profiles in Courage edited with Chris Spence  and Tomorrow’s People and New Technology: Changing How We Live Our Lives written with Carolina Duque Chopitea and Ranger Ruffins Sustainable Society Café podcasts on Tomorrow’s People.  And of course Negotiating the Sustainable Development Goals by Felix Dodds, Ambassador David Donoghue and Jimena Leiva Roesch warmest felix Articles Inter Press Service: November 22nd 2023:  GLOBAL COOPERATION ON CLIMATE CHANGE: What Have We Achieved and What Needs to Happen Next? by Felix Dodds and Chris Spence May 16th 2023  Will COP28 Catch the Next Green Wave … Or Will It Wipe Out?  by Felix Dodds and Chris Spence SDGs Online by Taylor and Francis 6th October 2023: The Sustainable Development Goals in P