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EU Brazil Summit issues support for Rio+20

The EU welcomed the Brazilian Government offer to host a United Nations high-level event on sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. Both parties shared the view that the 'Green Economy' should be one of its main focus. The EU and Brazil agreed that the event could renew political commitment towards this key issue of sustainable development and define appropriate new initiatives. They agreed that the event could also offer an opportunity to advance issues that have taken up prominent positions in the international agenda.

US NGOs endorse Earth Summit and write to President Obama

"We are writing, on behalf of civil society organizations representing more than a million Americans, to request that the U.S. Government enthusiastically support the proposal now before the United Nations to hold an Earth Summit in Brazil in 2012. We hope that you will see the Summit as an opportunity to consolidate the gains made in your first Administration towards sustainable development and to catalyze actions worldwide to build a new green global prosperity." In a letter signed by groups that include NRDC, WEDO, Union of Concerned Scientists, Greenpeace and US National Wildlife Federation they remind the Preisend that: "The last time a U.S. President participated in an Earth Summit was 1992. There is a whole new generation of leaders and a swell of youth behind them whose lives and understanding of the world will be shaped by the events in the next several years. As you told Ghana’s parliament in July 2009, “above all, it will be the young people – brimming with ta