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As the negotiations are coming to an end on the Post 2015 Agenda you must be worrying what you will do with all that time you now will have.

Delegate’s therapy is a service offered to help delegates to readjust to their lives after intensive negotiations.

Gone are the long nights writing back to capitals for instructions.
Gone are the stakeholders who want to meet you for coffee all the time.
Gone are the group meetings where you can debate with colleagues how to change a word here or there to save the planet.
Gone are the waiting with excitement for the next draft of the text.
Gone are Vienna café coffees, crepes and salads.
Gone are those moments waking up in the middle of night thinking I know what that text should be.
Gone are the informal workshops to frame the ideas for the next meeting
Gone are the Friends meetings – at least for the moment.
Gone are the moments you have to explain to your colleagues from capitals how the UN works.
Gone are having to explain to your family all about 17 goals and 169 targets
Gone are late night drinks in the Delegates Lounge.

We have the therapy package tailored JUST for you.

You can relive that moment when you get a particular phrase into the text or stop a country from getting their moment of glory.

We can help you through this very difficult time in your life. Some of the great ways to enable you to slowly re-enter society include:

Role playing

Here we offer a number of options tailored to your budget. These include:
  • Bilateral coffee negotiations
  • Small regional group negotiations
  • To the full premier package of a mini re-enacted UN meeting

We understand your pain where your family perhaps doesn’t and we can enable you to be able to talk to experienced therapists who can help you through those longing moments for new text or discussions on CBDR v shared responsibility or annexing the FfD text to the final Summit agreement.

We can also help you in your preparation for telling your Head of State what you have been doing over the last 4 years to get to this stage and document.

So contact Bracketing Therapists today for your individual quote.


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