Project Everyone - SDG Summit - Halfway Campaign

 Republished Project Everyone newsletter on the SSDG Summit   Halftime Campaign Our ‘Inches’ film with Al Pacino gave the world a Halftime talk like no other. The video has now reached an audience of over 10 million, with halftime hijacks on Sky Sports in the UK and NBC Sports in the US,  screenings at the Halftime Show at the UN and the Global Citizen Festival. To re-watch the film and find out what you can do to help achieve the Goals in the second half visit The SDG Pavilion The SDG Pavilion, designed by Es Devlin, provided a beacon of hope for the Goals at Halftime in the grounds of the UN. The Pavilion welcomed an extraordinary roster of illustrious speakers, artists, and visionaries for lively debates, talks and performances on some of the most pressing issues we face today. Winning Strategies for Financing the SDGs w

UN High-level Week Highlights

Guest blog by Jeffery Huffines, Senior Advisor for the Coalition for the UN We Need   1)     Civil Society meetings: The UN High-Level Week was preceded by the SDG Action Weekend, convened by the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, with a focus on SDG Mobilization Day on 16 September and SDG Acceleration Day on 17 September. Among the highlights of the SDG Mobilization Day was the unveiling of the  Open Letter signed by 53 former Presidents, Heads of Government, and UN leaders calling on current world leaders to build on the outcomes from this year’s SDG Summit and utilize the 2024 UN Summit of the Future to strengthen the United Nations system. The Open Letter was announced during the side event hosted by Coalition for the UN We Need (C4UN), UN Department of Global Communications and partners to discuss ' From the SDG Summit to the Summit of the Future: Building the UN We Need '. Watch the recording that was broadcast on UN WebTV here   (Please begin watching at minu

Guest blog: A Requester’s Saga: Dysfunction at the UNEP Over Handling Access Requests

Guest blog by Toby McIntosh . Toby has reported for several decades on transparency at international institutions and on freedom for information issues world-wide. During a journalistic career in Washington, he covered the White House, Congress and many regulatory agencies. First published here . The UN Environment Programme’s access to information system is dysfunctional. This conclusion is based on personal experience. During 2023, I filed four requests for information, three of them about UNEP’s programs on methane emissions and the fourth about the access process itself. And appealed the denial of one request. The experience has revealed significant problems with UNEP’s access to information system. The designated e-mail address for access requests is not working. Requests for information sent through other channels were not acknowledged on time or handled efficiently. The appeals process may now be operational, but my appeal was in limbo for six months. UNEP has yet to d

Young People's Impact in the UNFCCC Space - Virtual Climate Week Event 23rd September (9am New York time)

 Register here:   Date & Time Sep 23, 2023 09:00 am (New York time) Description: This panel will bring together a group of children and youth who have attended previous UNFCCC (UN Climate) conferences to share their perspectives on lessons learned, milestones achieved, and roadblocks they continue to face.  The workshop will serve as a collaborative space to determine ways forward in enhancing meaningful youth stakeholder participation in the UNFCCC process. 

2023 UNC Water and Health Conference: Science, Policy, and Practice - October 23-27 - Chapel Hill NC

   Photo by Tom Fuldner, 2022 The 2023 UNC Water and Health Conference: Science, Policy, and Practice is less than three months away. If you plan to attend the conference, you must register.  The 2023 Water & Health Conference will be held at The Friday Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, from October 23-27. Registration  Please use this portal to register for the in-person conference to participate in Chapel Hill: 2023 UNC Water & Health Conference Please use this portal to register for the virtual program to participate remotely: 2023 UNC Water & Health Conference Virtual (Remote) Program Accommodations The Water Institute has partnered with hotels in the Chapel Hill area in order to offer   discounted rooms for conference attendees. Discounted rooms will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in making u

Sustainable Development in Practice: A Handbook for Integrating Environment, Climate and Poverty Reduction.

Guest blog by Michael Stanley-Jones (2023). Sustainable Development in Practice: A Handbook for Integrating Environment, Climate and Poverty Reduction . United Nations Development Programme–United Nations Environment Programme Poverty-Environment Action: Nairobi Poverty-Environment Action for Sustainable Development Goals, a joint project of the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Environment Programme, has since 2018 brought poverty, environment and climate objectives into the heart of government and private sector decision-making in eight least developed countries: Bangladesh, Lao Peoples‘ Democratic Republic, Malawi, Mauritania, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, and Rwanda. It has contributed to further integrating poverty-environment, climate and gender objectives in three additional countries: Indonesia, South Africa and Tanzania—so as to strengthen the sustainable management of natural resources and to alleviate poverty. There are three stories from the four

Incoming UN President of the General Assembly's vision - Peace, Prosperity, Progress, And Sustainability

Next President of the UN General Assembly is Ambassador Dennis Francis of Trinidad and Tobago for the Seventy-Eighth Session, starting in September. This is his vision statement. I am proud, and at the same time humbled, to accept the nomination of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago as its candidate for the position of President of the Seventy-eighth session of the General Assembly of the United Nations. It has also been my special privilege to have been favoured with the political endorsement of my regional Group, the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States, GRULAC, whose approbation I deeply value and will work assiduously to honour. I turn my attention now to earning the trust, confidence and support of the wider membership, to elect me as their President during the Seventy-eighth session of the General Assembly. In doing so, I commit to discharge the responsibilities of the Office of the President with vigor and dedication to that most cherished value, mu