The UN Secretary General as you have never seen him before saving the world and promoting the SDGs

As some of you will know i am a huge comics fan and am very jealous of my good friend Sean Southey of PCI Media Impact and the project Comics Uniting Nations. He is working with UNICEF and the World's Largest Lesson which is a collaborative education project to support the announcement of the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

One of the first comics to come out is Chakra the Invincible created by the great Stan Lee and Gotham Chopra and drawn by Sharad Deverajan and Ashwin Pande.

The comics will cover the 17 global goals for sustainable development and hopefully help get the message out to a larger audience.

“There are a lot of goals – 17 in all – but there is a way to make these understandable and accessible to people of all ages…and make them fun to learn about – through the powerful entertainment medium of comics”, said Olav Kjørven, Director of Public Partnerships at UNICEF speaking at a  panel within a fully-packed New York Comic Com at the Javits Center, on 10 October 2015.

“Comics can address challenging topics in unique and entertaining ways, and they can reach people that – frankly speaking – would not otherwise be particularly interested in global goals adopted by the United Nations! By articulating the principles and values of the global goals through stories, imagery and even some famous characters, we can get people to think about these critical issues and what they means to their lives, their family and their communities”, added Kjørven.

To support the launch of the comics the Secretary General sent a message by Video which brought out a side of the Secretary General I hadn't seen. He may have given away his secret identity but all for a great cause. Watch until the end......

Josh Elder, Founder of Reading With Pictures (RWP), said:

“It was the most fortuitous chance meeting of my life,” notes Elder. “Reading With Pictures was founded on the belief that comics are a kind of universal visual language, one that’s ideal for communicating important concepts to diverse audiences. Concepts don’t get any more important than the Global Goals, and audiences don’t get any more diverse than the entirety of the human race.”

Several global comics publishers including Archie Comics, BOOM! Studios, Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, Oni, NBM, Papercutz, Peanuts Inc., Teshkeel, TOKYOPOP, UDON and Valiant are supporting the project.

I hope to writing the climate comic with Michael Strauss and drawn byt eh marvel comics artists John Charles. More on that as it develops.


  1. Thanks Felix for sharing this exciting story. Personally I'm counting on Olaf the Snowman as the superhero taking on climate change. He's got a big stake (and his carrot nose) in that issue..

  2. Hi,
    Great stuff-I love cartoon/comic as a way of educating people. Likewise I have been using our cartoon characters 'Casper Elder' & 'Sam Bucus' (sambucus-latin for elder tree) to engage children for many years. You can see them here...#btogether15 - Best wishes to all concerned. I look forward to each episode. Tom Roche


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