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Was COP27 a Success or a Failure?

COP 27 was both better and worse than expected, say Prof. Felix Dodds and Chris Spence - originally published with Inter Press Service here.   It’s finally over. After the anticipation and build-up to COP27, the biggest climate meeting of the year is now in our rear-view mirror. The crowds of delegates that thronged the Sharm el-Sheikh international convention center for two long weeks have all headed home to recover. Many will be fatigued from long hours and sleepless nights as negotiators tried to seal a deal that would move the world forwards. Did all this hard work pay off? In our opinion, COP 27 was both better and worse than we’d hoped. Failing to Follow the Science First, the bad news. COP 27 failed to deliver what the science tells us was needed. With the window of opportunity closing fast on our goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5C or less, COP 27 did far too little on the all-important issue of mitigation—that is, cutting emissions. The case for urgent a

Guest blog - COP27 is serving up a sense of renewed hope

  COP27 is serving up a sense of renewed hope By Marc Buckley on 8th November 2022 At the  Food4Climate Pavilion  at  COP27  it is very much  #ACopHalfFull  as food system experts say they are confident that real change is now happening that will deliver a better future for people and planet. I caught up with an old friend of the Inside Ideas podcast, author Felix Dodds, Adjunct Professor at the University of North Carolina and an Associate Fellow at the Tellus Institute, outside the Food4Climate Pavilion, to find out if it is a  #ACopHalfFull  for him. “It is half full,” he said. “There is a lot of optimism. The Glasgow COP was able to start a number of processes that were perhaps not in the negotiations: the coalitions of the willing. That is where we are going to see some of the advancements. There was  one on finance, one on methane, and one on forests . And I think that if we can build around those and they start to deliver, then the temperature target that we are going for of 1.5

The launch of the Tourism Panel on Climate Change


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