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Preparing for Bonn Climate Conference: Global Stock Take on Climate Change: Assessing Progress Towards a Sustainable Future

  Introduction Climate change is an urgent global challenge that requires collective action and a comprehensive understanding of its impacts. One of the crucial mechanisms for assessing progress in tackling this issue is the Global Stock Take (GST). The GST is an essential part of the Paris Agreement, serving as a periodic review of countries' efforts to combat climate change. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of the GST, its objectives, and the progress made so far in transitioning towards a sustainable future. Understanding the Global Stock Take The Global Stock Take is a comprehensive assessment conducted every five years to evaluate the collective efforts of countries in meeting the goals set under the Paris Agreement. Its primary aim is to provide a clear picture of global progress towards mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, adapting to the impacts of climate change, and achieving the overarching goal of limiting global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsi

Resources from the Climate Change Capacity Building workshop for UNFCCC Bonn (June) and Dubai (Dec) held on the 10th May

On the 10th of May a capacity building workshop was held by Felix Dodds Director, RMWSSS and author) and Chris Spence (consultant on sustainable development and author) to help with the upcoming UNFCCC preparatory meetings SB58 in Bonn in June (5-15th) and the COP28 in Dubai in November/December. (30-12th)  The workshop covered. Short history of climate change. UNFCCC Constituted bodies. Key outcomes and what wasn't agreed at COP27. How the UNFCCC prepares - Bonn June 2023. Key players for the UNFCCC. Why and how stakeholders engage at the UNFCCC. Case study of a campaign. COP 28 – What does it look like? COP 28 – What are the issues? COP28 Presidency Priorities. Key issues. Beyond the Negotiations. A few other issues.  A recording, transcript and the power point can be found here. 

Will COP28 catch the next green wave … or will it wipe out?

Original published on IPS New's   Service  on the 15th of May. The hosts of COP28 are betting big on business and a private sector “mindset” to deliver a successful event. Are they right? Professor Felix Dodds and Chris Spence review the current state-of-play. Perhaps one of the least well known among Dubai’s many attractions is surfing. Locals and visitors enjoy the sport at Sunset Beach and elsewhere, especially in winter. There is even an artificial wave pool where surfers can hone their skills. To some, the pool is just another example of the host country’s entrepreneurial outlook. With COP28 on the horizon, the host government of the United Arab Emirates is once again promoting the virtues of business. In a recent interview with the Guardian media outlet, COP28 president-designate Sultan Al Jaber said the world needs a “business mindset” to tackle the climate crisis. What’s more, he laid out plans to use the COP to promote private sector goals as well as those for gover