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preparing for the second prepcom

Just a few things. The date of the Summit on Stakeholder Forum web site is May and is the one we took from the UN web site when it was up. It has been taken down. There is widespread discussion of the Summit moving anywhere from end of May to August. I think we should know by the end of the prepcom. There is also talk of new prepcoms in January and February We should know also by the end of the prepcom the issues under the Green Economy. I have heard a number of topics suggested such as: • Energy • Agriculture • Biodiversity • Human settlement • Fisheries • Land use • Water Stakeholder Forum have a number of initiatives that might be useful to link up with. On Sustainable Development Governance we have set up the Sustainable Development Governance Network. The first two papers are up online. We will have further papers coming out in the next month: • International Environmental Court (by ICE ) • Policy Science Interface (by ICSU ) • World Environmental Court (by Prof Frank Biermann)