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Revising this Blog As my life continues after Stakeholder Forum I am revising  my online presence  This blog will be updated much more regularly and will focus on the post 2015 development goals, the follow up to Rio+20 and the main issues of the day on sustainable development as well as some of the new areas of work I am engaged in. As part of the revision my web site ( ) will also be revised and should be ready for November 7. It will focus on some of consultancy services I will be offering and will keep an update on my publications. The photo above is from an event at Ramapo College promoting The Widening Circl e from the 18th of October. TWC recognises that civil society has become severely fragmented. Therefore, it has become more a reactive force to a prevailing agenda than being a proactive agenda setting force. This has diluted the impact of civil society. Part of the problem has been the lack of vision of understanding where we might join toge