A new Climate Commits Up to $640 Million to Terra Global to Accelerate Climate Finance for Nature-Based Solutions

 PRESS RELEASE JAN 11, 2023 08:00 CST

Anew Climate, LLC ("Anew Climate" or "Anew"), a leading climate solutions company, has committed up to $640 million to Terra Global Capital, LLC ("Terra Global" or the "Company"), a woman-led global leader in developing and financing nature-based climate solutions to produce positive social and environmental impacts. As part of its commitment, Anew will be the anchor investor in the Company's Terra Bella Nature-Based Solutions Carbon Pool ("TB-NBS Pool"), a newly formed investment vehicle designed to finance the development of high-impact, multiple-benefit, verified emission reduction and removal projects in developing and emerging economies. The TB-NBS Pool aims to produce significant climate change mitigation benefits on up to 20 million hectares of improved forest and managed land and seeks to direct additional private sector climate finance funds to host countries. Anew's commitment, along with capital from other investors, will be channeled to REDD+ and other sustainable landscape programs.

"Terra Global has been a pioneer in bringing private finance and markets to the forest and land-use carbon sector and we have tremendous respect for their history of impact, integrity, and leadership in the marketplace. We are excited to help accelerate their development of high-quality nature-based solutions ("NBS") projects that are designed to deliver real, local community co-benefits," said Randy Lack, Head of Portfolio Management for Anew Climate.

The TB-NBS Pool seeks to invest in jurisdictional programs and projects that reduce deforestation/degradation, improve forest management, support reforestation/afforestation, establish agroforestry systems, promote climate smart agriculture, and install rural energy efficiency infrastructure designed to create substantial rural income growth alongside climate change mitigation benefits. Terra Global uses a collaborative approach to NBS program design and implementation, coupled with innovative financial structures, to help create sustainable landscapes that are economically viable for a range of stakeholders, including governments, donors, local community groups, NGOs, and private sector participants. 

"With Anew's investment, we gain catalytic financial support to propel our growth and help deliver meaningful investment capital to NBS projects globally. Anew's strong position in environmental markets under the leadership of CEO Angela Schwarz, along with their affiliation with TPG Rise, makes them an ideal investor for us to scale the expertise we have developed over the years," said Leslie Durschinger, founder, CEO and CIO of Terra Global. 

Terra Global's activities span the full NBS value chain, including program design, science-backed proprietary analytics, participatory monitoring approaches, and locally aligned business management training. The Company works on the ground to build local partners' investment readiness to attract private sector climate financing and provide upfront funding that generates new carbon revenue streams designed to provide lasting benefits for rural communities in critical landscapes. 

"We're proud to partner with another woman-led business that drives the development and advancement of climate finance," said Marc Mezvinsky, Partner at TPG and member of Anew's Board of Directors. "Terra Global provides governments and project communities with much needed, long-term flexible financing to produce climate change mitigation and livelihood benefits while supporting countries to meet their nationally determined contributions (NDCs). We believe that Anew's partnership with Terra can create greater opportunities to scale our social and environmental impact."


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