Invitation Launch of “Tomorrow’s People and New Technology” – ConnectAID’s SDG Book Corner - October 28th (4pm CET/ 10am EST)

 ConnectAID’s SDG Book Corner

You are invited to ConnectAID’s online SDG Book Corner for the launch of  “Tomorrow's People and New Technology” by Felix Dodds, Carolina Duque Chopitea, and Ranger Ruffins.

Time: 4pm CET/10am/EST to 5pm CET / 11am EST, Thursday 28 October.

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"I simply love Tomorrow's People and New Technology. Teasingly playful, inquisitive rather than just another turgid tome trying to be politically correct and accurate with each forecast, the authors' bandwidth is wonderfully broad, the insights incisive, and the writing welcoming. This book is a speculative triumph. It invites us into an imaginative world of endless fascination and ingenuity, at once allying suspicions that the future belongs only to the smart machines we have created and are in the process of letting loose."

Richard David Hames, Executive Director, Centre for the Future

As we witness a series of social, political, cultural, and economic changes/disruptions this book examines the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the way emerging technologies are impacting our lives and changing society.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterised by the emergence of new technologies that are blurring the boundaries between the physical, the digital, and the biological worlds. This book allows readers to explore how these technologies will impact peoples’ lives by 2030. It helps readers to not only better understand the use and implications of emerging technologies, but also to imagine how their individual life will be shaped by them. The book provides an opportunity to see the great potential but also the threats and challenges presented by the emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, posing questions for the reader to think about what future they want. Emerging technologies, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, cloud computing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, the Internet of Things, fifth-generation wireless technologies (5G), and fully autonomous vehicles, among others, will have a significant impact on every aspect of our lives, as such this book looks at their potential impact in the entire spectrum of daily life, including home life, travel, education and work, health, entertainment and social life.

Providing an indication of what the world might look like in 2030, this book is essential reading for students, scholars, professionals, and policymakers interested in the nexus between emerging technologies and sustainable development, politics and society, and global governance.


Felix Dodds, Adjunct Professor at the Water Institute at the University of North Carolina, US and Associate Fellow at the Tellus Institute Boston, US. He is the author/editor of over 20 books, including Stakeholder Democracy (Routledge, 2019), Negotiating the Sustainable Development Goals and The Water, Food, Energy and Climate Nexus. In 2019 he was a candidate to head the United Nations Environment Programme.

Carolina Duque Chopitea , Co-founder and Head of Analytics at, a digital marketing agency headquartered in Panama. She holds a Master's Degree in Business Analytics from Hult International Business School (San Francisco) and a degree in Political Science and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria, Canada.


Gaëlle Mogli, Founder of ConnectAID

Ysa Sax, Spokesperson of ConnectAID

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