Episode 2 on Home Life in 2030 now on Spotify's Sustainable Society Cafe

“Humanity has understood the necessity to change the course of development. Nations have made their pledges in the form of SDGs and climate goals. The word progress has been reevaluated. To what extend we can succeed in this fundamental transformation in such a relatively short time, the jury is still out, but the clock is ticking. It is a remarkable book bringing closer to our daily lives what is at stake and how technological shift can and will influence our journey. Excellent reading for all who plan to spend the rest of their lives in the changing future."

Ambassador Csaba Kőrösi, director of the Office of the President of Hungary, former co-chair of the UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Society Cafe is a podcast for people interested in emerging technologies and how they fit into realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In our inaugural series of seven episodes, we unpack the new book Tomorrow’s People and New Technology by Felix Dodds, Ranger Ruffins, and Carolina Duque to imagine what everyday life will look like in 2030. Our host Tanner Glenn speaks with each of the co-authors to explore how artificial intelligence, the blockchain, new energy sources, and other emerging technologies can help us achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Tomorrow's People and New Technology is available now out and available from all good bookshops.

To support the book, we have podcasts that are going out on Spotify weekly on Sustainable Society Cafe from October 4th .

The first two are

  • The History of Industrial Revolutions
  • Home Life

To come in future weeks

  • Traveling Around
  • Education, Working life and Health
  • Entertainment
  • Social Life
  • Living around the globe


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