Climate Friendly Travel to Zero flagship initiative, aligned with the UN Race to Zero.

Guest blog by SUNx: On World Environment Day, SUNx Malta announced its Climate Friendly Travel to Zero flagship initiative, aligned with the UN Race to Zero

Based on the latest science, a 2050 target of Zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) is the minimum ultimately needed to beat the existential Climate Crisis. By advocating a Zero GHG 2050 target we take the direct line to the UN Paris 1.5 goal. Starting now.

However, recognizing net carbon neutral is today’s norm, within the SUNx Malta Climate Friendly Travel to Zero framework, we will work with companies and communities via our CFT Registry and through Strong Climate Champions, to help them develop Sustainability and Climate Plans that transform over time from Net Zero Carbon to Absolute Zero GHG.

Professor Geoffrey Lipman said: “Science tells us we have almost reached 1.2o towards the Paris Agreement’s targets today and are heading for 3-5o increase by 2050. That would be an existential catastrophe, with weather extremes leading to intensifying fires, floods, droughts, and climate refugees. 

At SUNx Malta, we are taking the high ground in support of science. We strongly believe that Climate Friendly Travel (CFT) - Low Carbon: SDG linked: Paris 1.5o, is the best way for Travel & Tourism to get on board the UN 2030/2050 Roadmap for a green and clean future for our kids. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called for all post pandemic Tourism to be sustainable and Climate Friendly. CFT will help deliver that.

Climate Friendly Travel to Zero adds another dimension: targeting Zero Greenhouse Gases by 2050, is a gold standard to ensure that we Bend Our Trend of emissions as rapidly as needed to match the science.

However, as Net Carbon Neutral measures are what the international community is currently using for transition, we clearly will follow this framework, but very conscious it is unlikely to be enough to reach our 2050 goal of 1.5 degrees. Our new initiative will be a constant strategic reminder of the gap between marketplace and science.

Travel & Tourism Stakeholders, like the rest of society, must journey along various intensifying paths from where they are today, if our sector is to play its part in the global transformation. Individually, every company and community must chart its unique course. Collectively we must be in the same place by 2050.


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