Christiana Figueres nominated for post of UN secretary general

UN’s former climate change chief, who was a key architect of the Paris climate agreement, joins the list of candidates to succeed Ban Ki-moon. She was nominated by the  president  Luis Guillermo Solís of Costa Rica. 

Christiana Figueres said in her vision statement: 
"The objective of the United Nations is to provide the architecture through which countries can address their common problems, peacefully resolve their disputes and support each other in building strong, prosperous and just societies. This is the foundation of international peace and security. Much has been achieved by this unique institution over the past 70 years, thanks to the dedication of its Member States and the commitment of its staff worldwide.
The question before us now is how to address the exigencies of a future so mired in complexity. In the face of rampant injustices, abuses, unrest and conflicts with increasing ramifications, there is understandable despair. But given the stakes, failure to address these challenges is simply not an option. Humanity has created these challenges, and we ourselves can and must step up to address them.
To do that, we need a UN that reclaims its standing as a beacon of hope; a reason for global optimism that calls us toward a compelling vision of the future, rekindling our confidence and inspiring each and every one of us to live up to our highest purpose.
It is for the opportunity to pursue this vision that I am honored to accept the nomination of Costa Rica as candidate for the position of UN Secretary-General. 
If appointed, my time in office will be guided by two ways of working and will pursue four priorities, which I have set out in more detail in the following pages:
  1. Peaceful settlement of disputes and strengthening our crisis response capacity
  2. Planting the seeds today to achieve a sustained peace tomorrow
  3. Forging an inclusive model of multilateralism: collaborative diplomacy
  4. Strengthening the United Nations "


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