Indicators Update consultation with stakeholders open from 5-7th of November

The recent  meeting of the  Interagency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goal Indicators (IAEG-SDGs) in Bangkok saw members reach a general agreement on 159 of the more than 200 draft indicators for the SDGs.

To make it easy to understand the IAEG-SDGs have color coded the indicators. The reached general agreement on those coded green and those that needed extra work are coded in grey. See the report here. 

For a general look at the IAEG-SDGs web site go here.

A three day consultation with stakeholders and non-IAEG member states and representatives of regional commissions and regional and international agencies has opened today the 5th of November and will end on the 7th of November at 9am EST. This is focused on only the green indicators.

The online mechanism to input can be found here.

As noted in the "Meeting Summary and Work Plan" (also available in the documents section on the IAEG-SDGs Bangkok meeting web page):

The diary from now on is as follows:

29 Oct. – 20 Nov. 2015: Consultation for IAEG Members on green
5-7th November 2015: Consultation on green indicators with stakeholders
1 Dec. – 15 Feb. 2016 : Work on grey indicators based on workplan agreed by IAEG Members for inclusion in background documents for Statistical Commission
29 Oct. – 20 Nov. 2015: Work stream on disaggregation: Preparation chapeau and identification of targets where particular population groups are mentioned – proposals for disaggregation of current
30 Nov. –7 Dec. 2015: Draft Report circulated to IAEG Members
7 Dec. – 16 Dec. 2015: Report for Statistical Commission is finalised for submission
8 December 2015: Update indicators related to climate change based on outcome of COP 21/Paris
mid-January 2016: meeting of the High Level Group where the IAEG-SDG co-chairs will participate
March 2016: 3rd meeting of the IAEG-SDGs

Note on data dis-aggregation: SDG indicators should be disaggregated where relevant by income, sex, age, race, ethnicity, migratory status, disability and geographic location, or other characteristics, in accordance with the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics


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