Syriza's climbdown: Greek control handed to Europe - Paul Mason

This is from Paul Mason Channel 4's Economics Editor former BBC Newsnight Business Correspondent. 

Throughout the  crisis in Greece I have felt he has had the best understanding of the wider issues that are impacting on the crisis and what it might mean for Europe. If you have a chance watch the other video blogs.

My worry is that this result will be bad for the European idea that I have myself supported throughout my life. It clearly has created a split in Europe with Spain, Italy and France leading the support for Greece receiving a deal that includes debt relief. 

Paul Krugman,  said the creditors’ demands on Greece “went beyond harsh into pure vindictiveness, [leading to the] complete destruction of national sovereignty [with] no hope of 
Very depressing is the first interview with Vanis Varoufakis since he had his five month battle to save Greece. 

Will the Greek parliament vote in favour of the deal? I have to say if i was a Greek MP of whatever party I would have to think twice before doing so.


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