What to do about the HOW part of the MOI and FfD linkages

I know I keep going on about the South African Non-Paper from 2002 but that is because it was VERY VERY good. We now find ourselves with an FfD text that has rewritten in some cases the MOI from the SDG document as opposed to just keeping say text. I don’t know why but it seems a little unnecessary to me.

The next stage should then be the HOW you deliver the MOI from the SDG text. This brings me to the South African non paper structure. The proposed targets and time-frames are the MOI from the SDGs and then the HOW are points 2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

Now I’m not saying it has to be all of them but a coherent and agreed structure under each SDG MOI in the FfD text would go a LONG way to delivering a coherent and complementary set of outcomes from the FfD process and the SDG process.

1.     proposed targets and time-frames (SDG MOIs)
2.     proposed actions
3.     resources
4.     institutional mechanisms
5.     co-ordination
6.     monitoring
7.     stakeholder involvement

8.     implementation plan sustainability


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