Contribute to Outreach at he Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States

Outreach magazine at the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States


Stakeholder Forum will be publishing eight editions of Outreach to coincide with the Third International Conference on SIDS and the preceding Major Groups and Other Stakeholders Forum, Renewable Energy Forum and Private Sector Forum (29th August – 5th September 2014) and invites all stakeholders to contribute material to be included in the magazine.
The content of the daily editions will be based on the themes listed below. These themes have been selected to align with those of the pre-Conference Forums and the multi-stakeholder partnership dialogues taking place during the Conference. Some suggested topics for articles are provided as a guide below, along with the deadlines for content and publishing dates. Please also bear in mind that the overarching theme for the Conference is ‘the sustainable development of Small Island Developing States through genuine and durable partnerships’.
Articles should be 550-700 words in length and should be relevant to SIDS Conference and pre-Conference Forums. Submissions can be previously published material, as long as the content is up-to-date and still has relevance. Please note that we are not a research journal and articles should present opinions, ideas and recommendations using non-expert language. Full guidelines for submissions are available here.

Please contact Amy Cutter, if you are interested in contributing an article on one of the themes below or if you have any questions. When getting in touch, please provide details of the article you plan to submit.

Publishing Date
Themes and suggested topics
Friday 29th August
Major Groups and Other Stakeholders Forum

Role of youth, women and other stakeholders in the sustainable development of SIDS
·         Gender Equality, Women’s Human Rights, and Human rights
·         Effective MG, Civil Society and other Stakeholders’ Participation Mechanisms
·         Indigenous People’s Rights
·         Coverage from the Youth Forum
27th August 12pm WST (GMT+13)
Please note earlier time.
Saturday 30th August
Renewable Energy Forum
Sustainable energy
·         Promoting access to modern energy sources in SIDS
·         Increasing energy efficiency in SIDS
·         Expanding the use of renewable energy in SIDS
·         Economic, social and climate change mitigation benefits of renewable energy
28th August 5pm WST (GMT+13)
Sunday 31st August
Private Sector Forum
Private sector partnerships for advancing sustainable development in SIDS
Including the private sector’s role in the following sectors:
·         Sustainable Agriculture;
·         Connectivity through: Transport and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs);
·         Disaster Risk Reduction
·         Fisheries and Marine Resources;
·         Renewable Energy; and
·         Sustainable Tourism
29th August 5pm WST (GMT+13)
Monday 1st September
Third International Conference on SIDS

Sustainable economic development
·         Creating resilient and sustainable macro-economic environments in SIDS;
·         Addressing the challenges of sustainably growing domestic and export markets; and
·         Overcoming challenges of virtual and physical connections that are faced by SIDS.
·         Agriculture and tourism
·         Employment
30th August 5pm WST (GMT+13)
Tuesday 2nd September
Third International Conference on SIDS

Climate change & Disaster Risk management , Social development in SIDs & Health and NCDs
·         SIDS climate change adaptation needs
·         Building resilience and preparedness and promoting recovery from disasters
·         Enhancing social protection and inclusion, improving wellbeing, and guaranteeing opportunities for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged
·         Addressing communicable and non-communicable diseases in SIDS
31st August 5pm WST (GMT+13)
Wednesday 3rd September
Third International Conference on SIDS

Oceans, Seas & Biodiversity
·         Challenges, threats and opportunities
·         Optimal and sustainable development of ocean related economic activities
·         Climate change
·         Sustainable tourism
·         Biodiversity
1st September 5pm WST (GMT+13)
Thursday 4th September
Third International Conference on SIDS

Water & Sanitation, Food security and Waste Management
·         Sustainable use of freshwater resources
·         Access to sanitation and hygiene
·         Healthy diets and sustainable food production and consumption
·         Environmentally sound chemicals and waste management
2nd  September 5pm WST (GMT+13)
Friday 5th September
Wrap up edition reflecting on the week’s events
·         Reflection on the events and outcomes of the week
·         Priorities for the sustainable development of SIDS to be considered in the elaboration of the post-2015 UN development agenda.
·         Implementation
3rd September 5pm WST (GMT+13)

About Outreach

Outreach is a multi-stakeholder publication on climate change and sustainable development, which has been produced at various international conferences since 1997.  Outreach aims to empower stakeholders and provide space for debate and discourse on topics being negotiated at intergovernmental meetings by acting as a vehicle for the diverse voices of stakeholders, including regional and local governments, women’s groups, business, science and technology groups, Indigenous Peoples, trade unions, youth and NGOs.

Previous editions of the magazine can be viewed on the Outreach website.

In line with the UN PaperSmart Initiative, Outreach is distributed primarily as an electronic publication (via the Outreach website and a daily html email to a range of list servers), with a limited number of hard copies made available to event attendees.

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