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Ensuring Lasting Change

Walking the East India Company with
Nick Robins and CRY UK
A historical walk, in support of child rights

26th July, 2014

5th September, 2014
Starts at 2.30pm
Entry Fee:
The walk starts in the City and takes around 2 hours to complete
CRY UK is delighted to announce the ‘2014 series’ of walks with Nick Robins through the history of the East India Company - tracing its London legacy and telling its extraordinary story of boom and bust, trade and conquest.

Nick recently contributed to the BBC2 documentary on the Company, The Birth of Empire and is the author of 'The Corporation that Changed the World: How the East India Company Shaped the Modern Multinational.'

*Register now as we have limited seats and invite your friends to join too! Registration fees will be given to CRY UK as donations. So when you walk, you ensure progress in the lives of the underprivileged children in India.

Nick RobinsHere is what Nick has to say about the walk - 'The Company had profound impacts at home, not least its own stock market bubble and bail-out. It resulted in the conquest of India, the Boston Tea Party in the Americas and the opium wars with China. We'll visit the Company's main sites in London, and see how politicians, painters, playwrights and poets reacted to the greatest corporation in the world.'

Get a glimpse of the CRY UK's Historic Walk for Child Rights, 2013.
CRY - Child Rights and You UK (CRY UK) is a registered non-profit organisation working for every child's right to a childhood - to live, learn, grow and play. Along with grassroots partners, we work with communities and parents to make lasting change in the lives of underprivileged children in India. In 2013-14 itself, we have impacted the lives of 22,174 children across 185 villages/hamlets. Child Rights and You UK is registered charity no. 1119026. For more information visit www.uk.cry.org or write cry.uk@crymail.org
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