Response to David Boyle's blog

Dear David,
As always your blog is an interesting read. This time from a cafe in Apex North Carolina.

As someone who also blogs I recognize that not everything can be put in to it that would create the fuller picture.
I do enjoy the historical references and you are absolutely right about the lost ten years where economic policy has been like a vacant lot in the street of policies :-) Saying that its not as if there hasn't been someone in the party who could and at times has been able to profoundly comment on the financial problems and that has been Vince. 

On the leadership the problem with Liberals is at times we are just too nice. But leadership in the party is also about recognizing when the present leader has to go. We hasn't lead us well on economics (a disaster by Liberal terms), on education we broke a promise he made to everyone on tuition fees which the party has never recovered from, he has taken the party to the right on green issues like nuclear power. The mess on Chris that he has overseen. The policy of Syria which was prepared to ignore the UN (unlike our policy in opposition which gained much support). 

A new leader would enable the party to do what you and I would like to see and would show the general public that we are listening to them and would be able to present a new agenda for the next election. 

There are huge challenges ahead with new technologies that are coming with the energy, food and water nexus of the next 20 years and climate change and where is the party on these issues. Time not only for a new leader but for a Liberal Commission on the economy and 2030. 


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