Great Transition Initiative Launches New Website

Great Transition Initiative Launches New Website

For over a decade, the Great Transition Initiative has advanced a visionary scenario of a future rooted in human solidarity, well-being for all, and ecological sustainability. It now enters a new phase with renewed energy and heightened sense of urgency. Its re-imagined website——serves as a platform for exploring bold visions and change strategies.

The new site features:

·         An open-access journal of ideas publishing new essays, book reviews, and interviews.
·         A MacroScope highlighting current developments that carry long-term global significance.
·         Educational material such as videos, an overview of critical ideas, and archival literature.
·         A GT Network Space for those seeking more intensive engagement.

GTI offers a unique and valuable resource for understanding our present moment and shaping our collective future.  


New Book Out

Juneia Mallas  has specialized in environmental and development issues. She was one of the first journalists to disclose the impact of the destruction of the Amazon region in the early 1980's. Her work in television includes the production of news and documentaries for BBC, Channel 4, CBC, PBS, RAI 2. She has a fiction book out which builds on her experience Find out its a Kindle download called Gold, Guns and Blow - Tales from the Amazon - a thriller for the summer holidays :-)


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