Your ideas for the UN Global Sustainable Development Report

As the outcome from Rio+20 continues to have impact long after the delegates have left Rio Central. Two weeks ago we saw the agreement on the setting up of the High Level Political Forum operating under the same rules as the old CSD for stakeholder engagement. The ongoing work of the Sustainable Development Goals Open Working Group and now announced the membership for the Intergovernmental Committee of Experts in Sustainable Development Financing. The latest is the follow through on

“85(k) strengthen the science-policy interface through review of documentation bringing together dispersed information and assessments, including in the form of a global sustainable development report, building on existing assessments;

The Division for Sustainable Development within the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs are in the process of producing the first Global Sustainable Development Report. They have also opened it for input:

Social and natural scientists, here is your chance to provide your ideas and suggestions for the Global Sustainable Development Report!  Visit the UN page here.

They say that your inputs will be fully considered in determining key messages and findings of this new UN Report.

Their aim is to collect a wide range of views from scientists, especially young scientists, representing scientific communities across the world.

At this point they are seeking inputs from scientists rather than the general public!  So it you are a scientist or budding one like myself then you can find more information here.   

They already have a draft outline of the report is available here 

They are also looking for you to send relevant academic articles, briefs, and Web links that you would like to see reflected in the Report.

This follow up to Rio+20 will offer an annual review of progress and so will become a critical tool to helping us all understand if we are moving in the right direction or not. 


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