Financing Sustainable Development

I attended the UNEP FI’s 13th Global Roundtable which came at a crucial time for the international community, with the recent financial crisis and occupy washington tents outside. The conference offered a stark reminder that instability constantly looms over the horizon when issues of sustainability are overlooked in day-to-day financial operations.
Held under the theme “The Tipping Point: Sustained stability in the next economy,” UNEP FI’s 13th Global Roundtable  looked at the  decades-long niche discussion over sustainability and discussed has it  finally become part of mainstream business and policy-making. The tipping point, in other words, has been crossed, and there is no turning back.  
The 13th Global Roundtable conference brought in one place the men and women who have produced the most forward-looking thinking in the global finance and investment community.

It was followed up by a workshop for governments whcih Stakeholder Forum hosted at the Bloomberg offices in New York to see how it might help with Rio+20. Some discussion on the AVIVA Convention on Corporate Sustainability, the UNEP FI Principles for Sustainable Insurance (UNEP FI-PSI) and the Principles for Responsible Investment.


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