High Level Dialogue on Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development

The high level dialogue on the Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development was organized by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the Rio+20 Secretariat and held in Solo, Indonesia, during 19-21 July, 2011.

It was attended by most governments, UN Agencies and Programmes and some stakeholders.

The purpose of the dialogue was to have a frank and open high-level discussions on the options for strengthening the institutional framework for sustainable development, with a view to progress towards formulating concrete proposals which could be taken up for consideration and possible adoption at Rio+20.

I was able to make a presention in the session on  Strengthening, Transforming & Reforming the Intergovernmental Institutions’.  This addressed the changes through incremental change, overhaul or new institutions of  UNEP, the CSD, ECOSOC and suggested:
  • A Sustainable Development Council of the General Assembly
  • An Intergovernmental Panel on Sustainable Development to oversee other scientific panels and reduce fragmentation
  • An Interagency sub committee of the Chief Executive Board to ensure coherence within the UN family
  • An approach to have regional conventions for Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration
  • A Corporate Environment and Social Responsibility Convention
A full copy of the presentation is available here.


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