Green Economy discussion at the UNEP stakeholder meeting in Geneva

We are doing a round table discussion on Green Economy. UNEP Green Economy coordinator Steven Stone suggests that the green economy is ‘low carbon and social inclusive’. I suggested it might be more like the WWF vision of ‘One Planet Living’ offers us the vision and what our economic system needs to support within planet boundaries.
Lots of people seem to focus on the carbon part of the discussion but it must be more than this. Others here to find out what the green economy might be --- ‘a set of ? marks’….. Its going to be a long road to Rio+20!!

The presentations by IISD -- they are saying that to create an enabling environment for the green economy should include:
• Green public investment and incentives
• Sustainable public procurement
• Legislation, institutions and enforcement
• Leveling the playing field of prices
• Supporting actions: capacity building and transitional arrangements
Questions to be asked for moving to a green economy:
• Prioritizing between policies?
• Incorporating a specific poverty reduction agenda?
• How to implement enabling conditions?

We need to discuss Green Economy Principles……..before we dig deep on sectors. What is guiding our discussion?

Some of the objectives could be:
• Poverty eradication
• Employment generations
• Decoupling growth from pollution
• •Sustainable production and consumption


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