Norway endorse Rio+20

Lastly, we have on our agenda a proposal to convene a high-level event on sustainable development in 2012. We are all aware what such an event takes of time and resources. Still, events of this nature are sometimes required when we are faced with new global challenges.

If we agree on the need for a new high-level event, it is crucial that its agenda is forward-looking and focused. It should in no way overlap with or undermine the work of neither CSD nor other intergovernmental bodies.

What pressing issues of a political nature may require heads of state and government to gather in order to find common solutions to common challenges? Two topics that have been suggested are green economy and water. Both represent important challenges that are not properly dealt with in existing international fora, and deserve serious consideration.

A third proposal concerns reform of the International Environmental Governance system (IEG). This is not a new topic. The challenges faced by today’s system are well known. They include fragmentation, overlap, lack of coherence, multiple and costly adminstrative entities, combined with insufficient funding for environment and sustainable development action. The need for reform is obvious, but our ability to act has so far been inadequate. The outcome of the current Belgrade process initiated by the UNEP Governing Council may give an indication of whether there is sufficient political will and enough momentum to take the process further. If so, a high-level event may be the right forum.


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