Guest blog: Best Practice ESG / SDG Framework

Guest blog: Antonio Vizcaya Abdo (He/Him) Sustainability Advocate igniting business action for people & planet

The Best Practice ESG / SDG Framework offers a clear perspective on the multifaceted approach required when engaging with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It underscores that for organizations to fully embrace sustainability, their commitment must be reflected both internally and externally.

Internally, the framework suggests key practices:

▪ Consultation to gather diverse inputs and feedback.
▪ Definitions to create clarity around terms and concepts.
▪ Information as a foundation for informed decisions.
▪ Education to ensure ongoing learning and growth.
▪ Operations to reflect commitment in daily organizational activities.
▪ Practices to standardize and benchmark efforts.
▪ Tools for effective implementation and monitoring.
▪ Collaboration to combine strengths and insights.

Externally, the emphasis shifts to broader engagement and influence:

▪ Ecosystems to understand and interact with the larger environment.
▪ Advocacy to champion causes and influence policy.
▪ Standards to establish benchmarks and ensure consistency.
▪ Public engagements to communicate, inspire, and influence.
▪ Goals to set clear targets and measure progress.
▪ Innovation to devise new solutions and approaches.
▪ Stakeholders to build alliances and partnerships.
▪ Leverage to maximize impact through combined efforts.
▪ Governance to ensure oversight, transparency, and accountability.

In essence, this framework offers a holistic view, highlighting the diverse areas of focus required when navigating the realms of ESG and SDGs. By considering both internal and external practices, organizations can create a comprehensive strategy that resonates with their mission and impacts the broader community.


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