A great new book out Images From a Warming Planet

Ashley Cooper runs global warming images the world's only climate change photo agency. His book "Images From a Warming Planet" is out now and available from here.  It is an art photographic book with foreword by Jonathon Porritt, His photo shoots documenting climate change have taken him all around the world. One of Ashley's images won the climate change category of the Environmental Photographer of the Year Competition in 2010. Ashley's images are used regularly in books, newspapers and magazines around the world, including front cover images of most major UK newspapers. 

Our world is warming and as it warms billions face the consequences. Over 13 years Ashley Cooper has visited exotic and familiar landscapes to capture the impact of climate change. In over 500 photos he shows how we are changing the world around us and leaving a trail of devastation. Extraordinary images present scenes that Cooper describes with accuracy and passion. Each section is designed to tell a story, albeit one that may have an unhappy ending. The opening chapter chronicles our love affair with fossil fuels from extraction to use, and a separate chapter focuses on the Canadian Tar Sands. Then we cascade through communities and landscapes irreparably harmed by global warming.The book ends with an illustration of the efforts we have to make to avert greater ruin. This visually stunning book shows in unprecedented detail the future we can all expect if we continue to pollute and heat our planet. Here are some of the images now buy the book.


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