Strong Earth Youth Summit - registration is open


Welcome to the second edition of SEYS - Strong Earth Youth Summit!

The Strong Earth Youth Summit is named to honour Maurice Strong, the Climate Framework & UN Sustainable Development architect, for half a century.

Once again, SUNx Malta is bringing together experts in the climate change and tourism field and students from our Diploma on Climate Friendly Travel.

April 2022


This year the summit will take place twice to cover various time zones. Check your most suitable time!



Timezones covered by the two sessions: 
You will be able to select one of them on check out via the registration link


Round 1: Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific: 08.00-10.30 hrs CEST (Central European Summer Time)

Round 2: Europe, Middle East, Africa & Americas: 1600-1830 hrs CEST (Central European Summer Time)




SEYS will focus on creating awareness of Climate Friendly Travel (CFT) and ways to build a resilient Travel & Tourism future. The virtual event, is in partnership with the Earth Council International, The European Centre for Peace & Development (ECPD), and Les Roches, International Hospitality School.

2022 Program Highlights

  • Keynote from Professor Felix Dodds founder of the UN Stakeholder Forum, on 50 years of Global Environmental Action – celebrating the 1972 first Earth Summit.
  • Mirian Vilela, Executive Director, Earth Charter International will talk about the Earth Charter that Strong introduced in 2000, with Mikhael Gorbachev former President of USSR. 
  • Two of the top tourism climate scientists, Professors Susanne Becken in New Zealand and Daniel Scott in Canada, will provide state of the art thinking on climate impacts and metrics, linking tourism in to UNFCCC and IPCC programs.
  • You will hear how SUNx Malta is helping to deliver Climate Resilience with its partner Risklayer, led by Bijan Karzai.
  • Joceline Favre Bulle of Les Roches will announce the criteria for the competition for the Strong Earth Awards, to be presented at the Shiftin Festival in November
  • Hans Friederich, the Registrar of SUNx Malta’s CFT Registry, will explain how registration can really help companies and destinations to greatly enhance their Climate and Sustainability Plans.
  • Pierre Fenech CEO of ITS Malta will introduce a session, in which CFT Diploma Students, Angela Rodriguez, Caroline Kimani and Pratishtha Parajuli will share their learning experiences of the SUNx Malta CFT Diploma, the work opportunities that unfolded for them and the actionable steps they have been taking upon course completion to bring awareness on Climate Friendly Travel.




What you will get at this UNIQUE youth summit:


Everyone who registers and attends SEYS will be part of a growing global community of young people and renowned experts in Climate Friendly Travel, and will get: 

⭐️ An electronic copy of the book "Remembering Maurice F. Strong" - with short essays on his remarkable 50 year  contribution to the UN 2030 (SDG) & 2050 (Paris1.5) Roadmap for a better future.

⭐️ An electronic copy of the "Earth Charter" - an international declaration of fundamental values and principles towards a better world. 

⭐️ Access to a virtual space to interact and learn from some of the world's leading authorities in Travel and Tourism - and inspiring and promising youth people to network with!



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