On the 10th of November UNDESA held a workshop for member states that are intending to present their Voluntary National Reviews to the UN High Level Political Forum in 2021. A number of experts were invited to attend the Knowledge Exchange for 2021 VNR Countries including Felix Dodds from the Water Institute at the University of North Carolina. He presented the UNC Snow Angel approach to stakeholder engagement to the workshop as follows.

This approach is based on the work of the University of North Carolina as part of a six-university research project on Governance of Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience for Sustainable Development.

The theory of change we are advocating is that the involvement of stakeholders in decision making creates better-informed decisions that are more likely to garner support and implementation from impacted stakeholder groups and individuals.

We have developed the UNC Snow Angel approach for stakeholder engagement which draws inspiration from the ecological footprint and ecological rucksacks approaches. The ecological footprint measures your resource consumption while the rucksack considers the degree of stress exerted on the environment.


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