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Meet the 2020 finalists of the UN SDG Action Awards



This year more than ever, we need hope, we need creativity and we need collaboration for people and for the planet.

In March 2020, a call went out to the international SDG Action Community, to those that inspire, mobilize and connect for the Goals, to tell us about the transformative projects and approaches they are leading to accelerate action towards the Goals - the call was answered.

As we round off the year, it’s an honor to share the stories of the 2020 class of finalists with the community, ahead of the winner and honorable mention announcements and the upcoming SDG Action Awards Ceremony which will be hosted at the SDG Global Festival of Action on 25-26 March 2021.


Meet some of the most transformative and impactful initiatives of 2020 and find out how they are changing the world




Connecting and mentoring young people in Syria and Syrians abroad to rebuild better

EntrePioneers 2030 connects 2500+ Syrian youth in developing innovative SDG initiatives and solutions. Their 50+ projects mobilize youth affected by conflict, displacement, poverty, and lack of opportunity to channel their ambitions and actively rebuild better.


Keeping plastic in the economy and out of the ocean

There are 86 million metric tons of plastic in our ocean. Realizing the commercial value of ocean-bound upcycled plastics, NextWave Plastics united companies in creating the first global network of ocean-bound plastic supply chains. In two years they've prevented 1,300+ metric tons of plastic from entering our oceans.


Providing data and connecting feminist organizations to end gender discrimination

Equal Measures 2030 provides data and evidence which connects organizations to end systemic discrimination against women and girls. From land rights reforms in Kenya to changes in Indonesia’s law to curb child marriage, they provide advocacy trainings to achieve gender equality.




Converging an impact campaign with a feature film to make visible an unseen health crisis

Participant Media’s Fight Forever Chemicals Campaign, and the Dark Waters Movie, highlights the quiet proliferation of dangerous PFAS or “forever chemicals” and an unseen health crisis. Their campaign has accelerated 12+ anti-forever chemical bills in the US and continues to mobilize conscious consumers.


Harnessing conscious music as a tool for social change through the platform of youth participation

Accountability Lab Liberia’s Rap2Rep initiative harnesses conscious music as a tool for social change - debunking harmful myths about COVID-19, while inspiring youth throughout the country. Their music embraces the “Hip-co” tone, a genre dating back to the Liberian Civil War.


Improving the social, economic and talent development of people with disabilities

1 billion+ people around the world live with some form of disability. Signs TV in Kenya improves the social, economic and talent development of PWDs through inclusive broadcasting and assistive technology. They are developing an app to provide virtual interpreters to combat isolation.




Making 2 million voices heard through a digital citizen action and crowdsourcing platform

Based in Colombia, Movilizatorio has enabled 2 million voices to be heard through digital citizen action and crowdsourcing platform El Avispero. The've launched 40+ campaigns, showing that the power of people coming together is stronger than the sound of any rifle.


Fighting against gender violence in education institutions in Nigeria

Stand to End Rape's Sexual Harassment Project exposes and fights against sexual and gender-based violence in educational institutions in Nigeria. Partnering with BBC Africa Eye, the documentary "Sex for grades" was viewed 5+ million times and led to the re-introduction of the Sexual Harassment Bill by the Nigerian Senate.


Bringing together millions of people to connect, discuss and contribute to the Goals

ASviS in Italy brings together millions of people at their annual Sustainable Development Festival. The 2020 edition featured 800+ initiatives and 75+ events in Italian embassies in 30+ countries and five continents. The call to action was #oradiagire “It’s time to act”, to transform promises into concrete action.



Awards Ceremony at the SDG Global Festival of Action


The SDG Action global community’s annual meeting place is returning, bigger and bolder than ever from 25-26 March 2021! No longer confined by a physical location, the SDG Global Festival of Action will meet you wherever you are in a new virtual space.

The 2021 Festival will MOBILIZE, CONNECT and INSPIRE the global SDG Action community and – with a special spotlight on SDG Action Awards class of 2020.

Let's #TurnItAround together for people and for the planet!




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