Guest blog on sustainable finance: Blended Capital Group

When IPCM Canada sought a European asset management partner to broaden use of its unique investment approach, The Blended Capital Group (TBCG) founder Paul Clements-Hunt worked with Dr Matthew Kiernan to create a partnership with the €60 billion multi-asset class manager, Groupe La Française (GLF).

TBCG’s contribution helped IPCM to successfully secure a lucrative joint venture with this major European investment manager.

Each week, TBCG highlights how it builds company sustainability and impact at scale. Working with break-through businesses, game-changing civil society organisations and change agents in international institutions, the firm focuses its expertise to help clients to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) disciplines.

TBCG has a three-channel approach to assist clients:

  • Dynamic Investor Relations (DIR) for entrepreneurs, investors, businesses and private projects
  • Dynamic Donor Relations (DDR) for civil society, social purpose and international organisations
  • Scaling Impact Strategically (SIS) for policy-related and communications objectives.

The partnership ran from December 2013 to the final acquisition of IPCM by GLF in September 2017.  The joint venture with GLF created a specialist research investment company, IPCM (UK) based in London and a sister asset manager, La Francaise Inflection Point (LFIP), in Paris.

During four years, IPCM (UK) advised on the re-engineering of various LFIP equity offerings with its Strategically Aware Investing (SAI) approach. SAI places ESG considerations front and centre of the investment process. Throughout the joint-venture, TBCG worked with both the IPCM and LFIP boards and respective teams to help design innovative ESG-aligned investment products and encourage new thinking.

Highlights of TBCG’s work for IPCM (UK) and LFIP include:
Following the full acquisition of IPCM by GLF in September 2017 the company is now known as Inflection Point by La Française. Clements-Hunt remains a Board Director of IPbLF, while TBCG works in an advisory capacity on ESG investment issues assisting La Francaise explore international markets.
The TBCG team, Paul Clements-Hunt, Michael Marais, Charlie Garner, and Marco Tenconi, are geared to help clients achieve investment and projects goals.To discuss our services,

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