Announcement expected on Friday for the new Heads for UNEP and UNFCCC and on Sunday the new Dr Who companion

The new Executive Director of UNEP was expected to be announced at the end of March. I now understand the reason for the delay is the UN Secretary General wants to announce the new executive Secretary of the UNFCCC at the same time. This means he is looking for a regional and probably gender balance in the choose of these two posts.

Next UNEP Executive Director
It is my understanding that there are four candidates on the short list.
  • Adnan Amin (Kenya) Head of IRENA fromer Head of the Secretarat for the Chief Executive Board and UNEP New York Director
  • Ambassador Macharia Kamau (Kenya) who guided us through the Sustainable Development Goals Open Working Group and the 2015 negotiations for Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Erik Solheim (Norway) a Norwegian politician for the Socialist Left Party (SV). He was appointed Minister of International Development in 2005 and also Minister of the Environment in 2007 and is now Chair of the OECD DAC (Development Assistance Committee).
  • Jochen Flasbarth (Germany) Since 2013 State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety.Former President of the Federal Environment Agency (2009-2013)
Next UNFCCC Executive Secretary 

This is much more difficult to find out about. I had assumed Minister of Environment for Peru and UNFCCC COP 20 President, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal would go for it and would be a firm favourite but i understand he hasn't applied. Probably frontrunner is Ambassador Patricia Espinosa (Mexico) Mexico’s ambassador to Germany. 

Laurence Tubiana (France) is a French economist and diplomat. She was appointed French ambassador for international climate negotiations in connection with the 2015 COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris. She has applied and though initially not supported by her government they have changed their mind. Rumor has it they had set their sights on a France candidate for the next head of WHO.

After that there are only guesses that i have come across these include: Pa Ousman Jarju, Gambia's environment minister, Yoube Sokono (Mali) a Vice Chair of the IPCC. Former ASG for Climate in the UN Secretary General's team in the runup to Paris Janos Pasztor (Hungary). Then there are names from the previous time such as  Nozipho Joyce Mxakato-Diseko (South Africa) who chaired G77 during Paris  or China's chief climate negotiator Su Wei... or none of the above.

So the question will be which position does the Secretary General announce first? Which ever he does will impact on the choices he will probably take on the other position. 

Not long now to wait......but perhaps as important is the announcement of the next... 

Dr Who Companion
The Secretary General hasn't, as far as i know, been consulted on who the next Dr Who companion will be. The new companion will be announced during the half time of the FA Cup match between Everton and Manchester United. Here are some of the names being suggested.

Game of Thrones’s Maisie Williams.
Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan 
GoT co-star Rose Leslie
Another GoT alumni Faye Marsay

The smart money is on EastEnders actress Rakhee Thakrar  who i think would be amazing as would Michelle...of course i am always free..... changing the basement for the Tardis ...and the chance to discover the best cafes in the universe and in all of time.....would be perfect.

The winner was of course Pearl Mackie a British actress, dancer and singer to play the next companion to The Doctor, Bill, in the long running television series Doctor Who. Mackie is a 2010 graduate of the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, and in 2014 played Anne-Marie Frasier in Doctors.


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