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Date And Time: Thu, September 30, 2021 6:00 PM-7:30 PM GMT

Speakers will include: 

Andrea Nicholas

Founder of Green Tourism, a world leader in certification in travel and tourism and now aligned with Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency.

Andrea has been appointed to the Edinburgh Climate Commission and chairs Catering Scotland’s Awards Committee. She will be talking about how tourism and hospitality businesses can take practical steps to help protect the 1.5° temperature rise.

Professor Felix Dodds 

International policy expert and adviser on sustainable development and climate change for more than 30 years.

Previously executive director of Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future and campaigns director for the United Nations Association, he was chief advisor to the coalition that secured SDG11 on Sustainable Cities and Communities. He is now an adjunct professor in the Water Institute and Gillings School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina.

He co-founded the SUN Program, and will be talking about how “climate-friendly travel” can help tackle the Climate Emergency. 

Judy Kepher-Gona


Founder of Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda (STTA) and adviser for communities, businesses and policymakers around the world on tourism strategy and sustainability.

An influential leader, she regularly speaks at international conferences and mentors young people.

She will be talking about the importance of community partnerships in helping to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change.

Councillor Philip Bell

Elected to Aberdeen City Council in 2017. He has a particular interest in energy transition, transport and sustainability, and is a director of the Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group and Aberdeen Science Centre. He is a committee member for the North East Scotland Transportation Partnership and Council spokesperson for climate change, sustainability and hydrogen.

He will be talking about some of the practical initiatives in Aberdeen and his vision for what can be achieved at COP26.

Benjamin Carey (chair)


An award-winning tourism consultant and adviser for public and private sector stakeholders and community groups on policy and strategy. With experience on six continents, he uses the SDGs to build resilience in destinations facing crisis and emerging from conflict.

He has a special interest in the role of heritage in identity and sustainability, and will be drawing together the threads of travel, tourism and transport.


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