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Being a Member of the UN Global Compact should not be without responsibility

42% of UN Global Compact Companies in the survey have lower Human Rights  scores in 2018 than 2017 By Felix Dodds and Gaston Ocampo
This is the second blog in the series looking at the private sector members of the UN Global Compact.The first appeared in a blog Time for the UN Global Compact to Evolve into the UN Due Diligence Mechanism? A Real Chance with the 2018 Partnership Resolution on the 1st of November 2018 and looked at the results from Global Compact companies that were reviewed in the 2017 Corporate Benchmarking on Human Rights.
Since then the 2018 Corporate Benchmarking on Human Rights has come out and there have been two internal reviews conducted in the UN relating to the private sector and the UN. The first was an Internal Review Report on Leveraging the UN Global Compact’s Unique Assets Towards Agenda 2030. The second being the UN Sustainable Development Groups Partnerships Results Group. Both of these have fed into the recent UN Secretary General’s Report to ECOSOC.
In the…