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Upcoming Financial Crisis

By Felix Dodds, Adjunct Professor in Environmental Sciences and Engineering and Senior Fellow, Global Research Institute, University of North Carolina and Eela Dubey Finance consultant  In October there was a very interesting briefing by UNCTAD of its report on Debt Vulnerabilities in Developing Countries: “A New Debt Trap? and its Trade and Development report.” It was the first of these reports that interested me most due to its coverage on the alarming trends in debt and extent of the debt crisis.
As the report points out, the global economy has been fueled by debt. The world's total gross debt to GDP ratio is at 223 percent, with advanced economies holding the largest share of debt stocks.  A debt stock simply refers to the total value of the debt that a nation owes to all lenders. According to the Report, at the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008, global debt stocks surpassed their historical record level at $142 trillion. Now, with global debt at roughly $240 trillio…

New book out Remembering Maurice F. Strong: Tributes and Reminiscences

Edited by former UNESCO Director-General Federico Mayor, Negoslave Ostojic and Roberto Savio, Belgrade, and published by the European Center for Peace and Development it is available as a free download here. 
Contributors include;
- Gro Harlem Brundtland
- Nitin Desai
- Elizabeth Dowdeswell
- Las-Goran Engfeldt
- Peter Hass
- Nay Htun
- Enrique Iglesias
- Ashok Khosla
- Tommy Koh
- Geoffrey Lipman
- Thomas Lovejoy
-Julia Marton-Lefevre
- Rajendra Pachauri
 -Shridath Ramphal
- Klaus Schwab
- Mirian Vilela
- James Wolfensohn

My contribution to the book - The Father of Sustainable Development 

The Maurice Strong story is an amazing one.
As I was very focused in the 1980s on UK domestic politics my first awareness of Maurice was not until the preparations for the Rio Earth Summit. By then I was at the United Nations Association – UK organizing town hall conferences in preparation for the Summit and an Earth Summit Rally. To supplement this, we had asked Maurice to write an article for the…