Play it Again Sam

I am writing this blog from Key Largo while attending the Humphrey Bogart Film Festival. I try to attend at least two film festivals a year and this is my third time in Key Largo. The place is still recovering from the Hurricane there is rubble and remains at places along Ocean Highway but most seems to be back to normal. On my way down here, I have been listening to the audio book Writer,Sailor, Soldier, Spy which brings to light for the first time this riveting secret side of Hemingway's life - when he worked closely with both the American OSS, a precursor to the CIA, and the Soviet NKVD, the USSR's forerunner to the KGB, to defeat Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. I walked into the Playa Largo where the festival is headquarter to bump into a Humphrey Bogart look alike who had just flown in from Paddington, England. Casablanca This year is the 75th anniversary of this famous film. It is one of the great films that has survived the sands of time. It is an extraordinary film not ju…

Guest blog: How business can tackle deforestation

Guest blog by Narni Brooke-Adil shejoined Innovation Forum in June of this year shortly after
finishing her bachelors in business and finance at Cass Business School. Her interest in sustainability was enhanced after taking a module in the last year of her degree, although she has grown up very aware of the world’s looming sustainability issues, in particular climate change. She was fortunate enough to secure a job with Innovation Forum straight after finishing her exams and is enjoying the role immensely.  The London deforestation conference will be her first forum and is already shaping up to be a great event, we hope to see you there!  The newest methodologies, technologies and industry examples for implementing zero deforestation policies 14th-15th November 2017, London Join us at us at this debate-driven business conference designed to provide delegates with the practical guidance necessary to build and implement effective zero deforestation commitments. This event will bring toget…

interested in urban issues, food,water, energy and climate then time to submit your abstract for the Nexus Conference

Submit your abstract and register today
We hope you will engage in the second Nexus Conference – Water-Food-Energy-Climate will be on the 16-18th of April 2018 in Chapel Hill in North Carolina organized by The Water Institute at the University of North Carolina.  It will focus at the Nexus at the urban level. First, we would hope you would share the possibility of you, your colleagues and any one you know who might be interested submitting abstracts for the conference Second, we are looking for the chance to develop collaborative research out of the conference. Third, we would hope that you and others might attend the event which will also feed into the reviews of the relevant Sustainable Development Goals. We have engaged an International Advisory Board  ( ) to help to focus the conference. We ask abstracts to be returne…


What follows is a Civil Society Manifesto on  PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS (PPPs)

We, 151 national, regional and international civil society organisations, trade unions and citizens’
organisations from 45 countries, are increasingly alarmed by the growing use of PPPs around the
What is a ‘Public Private Partnership?’
PPPs are essentially long-term contracts, underwritten by government guarantees, under which the private sector builds (and sometimes runs) major infrastructure projects or services traditionally provided by the state, such as hospitals, schools, roads, railways, water, sanitation and energy.
PPPs are promoted by many G20 governments, and some public development banks – such as the World Bank – as the solution to the shortfall in financing needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Since the late 1990s, some countries including the United Kingdom, Portugal and Hungary have embraced PPPs ranging from healthcare and education to transport – with troubling cons…

G-STIC 2017: Connecting Technological Innovation to Decision Making for Sustainability

Smart Water Solutions From data to digital water: the water system innovation Two Days of Interactive Sessions @ G-STIC 2017
The recent digital revolution is making a huge potential available to manage our water more efficient and ‘smart’. Newly emerging digital paradigms for data retrieval, analysis and storage create the ability to share and exchange data at various scales: local/urban, regional and river basin. Data-driven and process-based models can offer precise monitoring, forecasting and visualization capabilities, all of which are key to support far-reaching water system innovations.
In the session on Smart Water Services, we focus on how digital water is transforming the utility of tomorrow. The keynote will give an insight on smart solutions for utility efficiency and optimization. A number of cases will then explore how new data management…

Rogue CNN 14: Is it the End of Everything? Or is it just going to get worse?

((Rogue CNN exists in a parallel universe to ours where a corrupt property developer and reality TV star gets elected President of the United States)) 
Wolf: This past week or so we have been watching a series of disasters unfold – some natural, like the hurricanes, and some man-made, like the terrible shootings in Las Vegas. And a Republican party that is showing elements of challenging the President. Cabinet members allegedly calling the President a ‘moron’. Senators saying that Trump's advisers are all that separate us from chaos or World War III. Before going to the panel let’s go over to the hear from White House Press Secretary Michael Strauss.
Strauss: We all are sending our prayers and thoughts to the families of the victims of the hurricanes and more recently the shooting in Las Vegas. But obviously that isn't enough. You guys know my position on guns. This President hasn't agreed with it since he began running - when he did agree with it - but there are signs that …


The world faces a fundamental challenge in sustainably feeding a healthy diet to over nine billion people by 2050. A resilient food system and sustainable diets are pivotal in solving this challenge and achieving both the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement. As the most populous region in the world, the Asia Pacific plays a decisive role in combatting many of the interlinked issues at hand, such as malnutrition, deforestation, loss of biodiversity and rising greenhouse gas emissions.
Could animal-free proteins be the future of food? How are big brands attempting to change consumer behaviour in the food space? Could food go from being the cause of some of our greatest health and climate challenges to become a cure for them?
To find out more, join us at the inaugural EAT Asia-Pacific Food Forum (APFF) on October 30 - 31st 2017 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Jakarta. The APFF is co-hosted by EAT Foundation and the Indonesian gov…