Guest blog: What can boards do to end our oil and gas dependency?

Guest blog  by Helle  Bank Jorgensen is CEO and Founder of Competent Boards. She has a 30-year record of turning ESG risks into innovative and profitable business opportunities. She works with many global Fortune 500 board members and executives, as well as smaller companies and investors. Helle is also the author of the Amazon bestseller, Stewards of The Future: A Guide for Competent Boards. Helle serves at the Nasdaq Center for Board Excellence’s Sustainability & ESG Insights Council; the World Economic Forum (WEF) Expert Network for Corporate Governance, Leadership, and Emerging Multinationals; and His Royal Highness Prince of Wales A4S (Accounting for Sustainability) Global Expert Panel. Connect with her on LinkedIn. The war in Ukraine has cost thousands of lives and created more than four million Ukrainian refugees. Other effects on the world at large are still unspooling, including a huge pending shortage of basic foods (Ukraine is Europe’s breadbasket) and how to get beyon

New book out by the mothers of the SDGs - telling the story on how they came to be

  Redefining Development: The Extraordinary Genesis of the Sustainable Development Goals "This once-in-a-generation detailed insider's look at how a critically important UN decision was made will be valuable to both scholars and students."  ―Craig Murphy, Wellesley College "Bridging the worlds of academia and practice, Caballero and Londoño provide illuminative insights on the role of small countries in shaping the UN development agenda in the broader context of the informal processes of multilateral diplomacy."  ―Jacques Fomerand, former director, UNU Office in North America This extraordinary  first-person story  of what can be achieved through informal diplomacy traces the improbably successful struggle to achieve acceptance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)―and thus transform the global development agenda―against all odds. Moving from the framing of the SDGs concept through the entire negotiation process (including a trove of key documents)

UN CFS - The impacts on global food security and nutrition of the military conflict in Ukraine

  Briefing note by the   High-Level   Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition 14 April 2022 (this is from the FAO web site for references go here  ) 1.      Food security and nutrition crises The war instigated by the Russian Federation against Ukraine has major implications for global food security and nutrition (FSN). The war has triggered new crises in food systems on top of existing challenges that were already undermining the global community’s goal of achieving Sustainable Development Goal #2: “Zero hunger”.   Most immediately, the war has sparked a major humanitarian emergency in Ukraine that is violating people’s right to food and livelihood. Many towns and regions in Ukraine are experiencing a breakdown of the enabling environment for FSN, including the deterioration of health services, water and energy services, care of children and the elderly, social protection, and education systems. Over 10