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Comments on development initiatives paper on Final ODA data for 2016 and the challenges

This year will see the Secretary General host a Sustainable Finance Summit for the SDGs in September. This will by its nature address how to broaden the way we fund the SDGs. I will be doing a number of blogs this year to address some of the new areas that funding could come from while also raising cautions or concerns about how that could impact on the landscape of stakeholders. to start with lets lookat where we are with development funding. A very good development initiatives fact sheet arrived in my intray over the weekend which makes fascinating reading. It happened at the same time as an interesting email came in too. It was from Mark Ritchie former Minnesota Secretary of State who pointed out a very interesting interview with Kevin Watkins the CEO of Save the Children Fund (UK) and on the page I found a link to a very interesting blog on the Oxfam page by Duncan Green on the 10 top thinkers on Development summarized in 700 words by Stefan Dercon. All three are well worth readi…

Guest Blog: Finance and business: enemies of sustainable development?

By Jacques Prescott, sustainability consultant and associate professor, Chair in eco-advising, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Canada. A referenced version of this article is available here: The economy is seen by sustainable development theorists as a tool, a means to achieve sustainability. Although all UN Member States have adopted in 2015 twenty global sustainable development goals by 2030 "to ensure peace and prosperity for people and the planet",  funding for the actions needed to achieve these goals is slow to materialize. Yet financial resources have never been so abundant in the global economic system. The priorities of the neo-liberal economy centered on the enrichment of a privileged few are in fact contrary to the collective well-being. The main economic actors turn a blind eye to the tragic socio-environmental effects of their practices and act as enemies of sustainable…

Guest Blog: UN Foundation at Twenty

By: Kathy Calvin, President & CEO, United Nations Foundation. In 1997 Calvin joined America Online as senior vice president and chief communications officer. In 2001, following the AOL–Time Warner merger, she became the president of the newly created AOL Time Warner Foundation.  As 2018 gets underway, the United Nations Foundation is turning 20, and we find ourselves reflecting on the world then and now, the values that drive our work, and the future that lies within our grasp if we have the audacity to seize it.Last year shook the world, from political upsets to accelerating technology to individual voices made into a movement through the power of the #MeToo hashtag. We witnessed devastating natural disasters amid one of the hottest years on record and intractable horrors from Myanmar to Yemen to the Central African Republic while at the same time journalists and storytellers had no shortage of tales of bravery and kindness to share. In this era of change and challenge, one thing i…

Key dates for Sustainable Development 2018

January 2018
23-26 WEF Annual Meeting in Davos 29-30 G20 Data Gaps Initiative Meeting (DGI) Buenos Aires 29 -7 Commission on Social Development February
6-7 G20 Meeting of the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) Buenos Aires 7 to 13