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Bridging Knowledge and Capacity Gaps for Sustainability Transition: A Framework for Action

I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at a workshop organized by the UN Office for Sustainable Development in Incheon Korea. The workshop  ' Bridging Knowledge and Capacity Gaps for Sustainability Transition: A Framework for Action' brought together governments and stakeholders  to look at existing knowledge and capacity building models, platforms and initiatives contributing towards sustainability transition and how they could make best use of available resources and platforms to meet their  knowledge and capacity needs; assessed success stories, trends, needs, and gaps in knowledge and capacity for advancing sustainable development in a post-Rio+20 context. Speech to final plenary  The workshop underlined the importance of the inclusion of sustainable development knowledge and capacity building in formal planning processes, such as National Sustainable Development Strategies. Post Rio+20 there needs to be 'one' process in countries as far as effective pl

A Drink for Tomorrow

On March 1st I had the pleasure of being a during dinner speaker for A Drink for Tomorrow   which is a college chapter at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. The speech was on climate change and water. A Drink for Tomorrow is a great project supported by university  students  that is educating thousands of people about the problems  around  the lack of access to water and sanitation in the developing world. They have been giving talks to  toddlers in mom's groups to kindergartners at summer church camps to high school students at Youth Groups, Interact Club meetings, and Model United Nations events. Rotary Clubs and college students have raised money to bring clean drinking water to people who had none.  A Drink for Tomorrow have also been raising funds for particular projects helping over 13000 people in eight countries and 26 communities  They have funded drilling new wells to well rehabilitation, from installing  toilets, sinks, and septic tanks to the const