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The Challenge and Spirit of Rio panel presentation to the UN GA Committee 2

By Felix Dodds Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future, Executive Director Thank you for inviting me to speak today and share my thoughts on Rio+20. Although I have been asked to speak on the contribution that stakeholders might play, I do want to start by making comments on the agenda for Rio+20 as well. In doing so I will draw on the article Maurice Strong and I did for the BBC in May this year. To start with, I would like to commend Brazil for the leadership they have shown in persuading the world that another Earth Summit is needed. Unfortunately, some developed countries have had to be dragged to the table. There is a simple question we should all ask ourselves - is the world going in the right direction? If the answer to this question is no, then we should ask what are the current challenges that the world needs to address, how can we address the challenges together and how long do we have to address them? Broken promises The answer to the last question is “not long”. Most of