Nick Nuttall - releases new climate song - We Don't Have Time

Stockholm/Berlin, 30 March 2023--The first ever Stockholm Climate Week will pump to the beat of a new climate song written by We Don’t Have Time presenter Nick Nuttall.

The song, entitled ‘Just Because Some Bad Wind Blows’ and the lead title from a new album to be released on 5 May, echoes to the We Can Do It campaign, initiated by We Don’t Have Time and partners.

The song will be released on 31 March as a digital single and the accompanying music video will be premiered on 31 March at noon CEST in support of Stockholm Climate Week.

Nick Nuttall said: “Sometimes society ties itself in knots about how to address the climate emergency often making false trade-offs and excuses as to why it can’t be done or can’t be done with the urgency required”.

“But we have all the ideas, creativity, technology, finance and reasons to act. In the end this emergency is a choice that humanity must make. If we choose to end the threat of global warming, we can do it. Will we do it in time? That is the only question”.

Nick’s career began with music via his University Band Sleeper’s Den and a stint as lead singer with the USA-based Albany Bridge Band, before putting it on pause in favour of the pen and becoming an environment journalist on The Times newspaper in London.

Later his career took him to a job as eventually a communications director and spokesperson for the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and then the UN’s climate treaty, the UNFCCC.

Today he works for the Swedish-based We Don’t Have Time which will be launching the first Stockholm Climate Week between 18 and 22 April as a follow up to Stockholm+50 in June 2022.

Ingmar Rentzhog, founder and CEO of We Don’t Have Time, said: ”The message behind Nick’s song Just Because Some Bad Wind Blows, reflects the vision and ethos of our mission as a climate broadcaster and a platform for catalyzing change”.

“There is so much action already underway from governments, companies, cities, NGOs, the United Nations and citizens including youth. If we step up exponential ambition, we can solve this crisis. Giving up, even when things can look grim, is not an option if we together choose to act”.

Nick and his producer Bernadette La Hengst will play several songs from the new album live on 22 April, the final day of Stockholm Climate Week.


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