Climate Change Capacity Building workshop for UNFCCC Bonn (June) and Dubai (Dec) -10th May 10-12 EDT

On the 10th of May between 10am-12 EDT a capacity building workshop will be held by Felix Dodds (VP RMWSSS and author) and Chris Spence (consultant on sustainable development and author) to help with the upcoming UNFCCC preparatory meetings SB58 in Bonn in June (5-15th) and the COP28 in Dubai in November/December. (30-12th

 If you are new to these meetings or just need a refresher, then do come along and do share with anyone you think might benefit.

 To register go to here

 The capacity building will cover the following areas.

 Short history of climate change.

  • UNFCCC Constituted bodies.
  • Key outcomes and what wasn't agreed at COP27.
  • How the UNFCCC prepares - Bonn June 2023.
  • Key players for the UNFCCC.
  • Why and how stakeholders engage at the UNFCCC.
  • Case study of a campaign.
  • COP 28 – What does it look like?
  • COP 28 – What are the issues?
  • COP28 Presidency Priorities.
  • Key issues.
  • Beyond the Negotiations.
  • A few other issues.


We look forward to your attendance.


Warmest regards

Felix and Chris

Vice President Multilateral Affairs. Rob and Melani Walton Sustainable Solutions Service (RMWSSS) at Arizona State University

Adjunct Professor at the Water Institute University of North Carolina and Associate Fellow, Tellus Institute, Boston City of Bonn International Ambassador

Latest book Heroes in Environmental Diplomacy: Profiles in Courage edited with Chris Spence

and Tomorrow’s People and New Technology: Changing How We Live Our Lives written with Carolina Duque Chopitea and Ranger Ruffins Sustainable Society Café podcasts on Tomorrow’s People 


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