Statement on behalf of the Womens Major Group on the UN Environmental Assembly negotiations on the Sustainable Nitrogen Management

Presentation by Eirini Pitsilidi Global Head of Food Systems Advocacy from Compassion in World Farming on behalf of the Women's Major Group

"We are glad to see that we have reached at such an advanced draft resolution for Sustainable Nitrogen Management.

Mismanagement of nitrogen waste is an enormous planetary problem, it exacerbates climate change - the concentration of atmospheric N2O [nitrous oxide] gas is 300 times higher than that of carbon dioxide - it currently is the single most important ozone-depleting emission, it aggravates the loss of biodiversity and ecosystems, increases desertification, it pollutes our water bodies and negatively impacts small farmers and health. 

Commodity chains, particularly, feedstock for industrial livestock production, are the main problem.  

We therefore regret, that the current resolution no longer shows as clearly, the urgency and the importance for people and planet.

We are saddened to see that the proposal to set a clear target, to halve nitrogen waste globally by 2030 is not getting sufficient support. 

Setting a target is key and reflects the urgency of situation, and also aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals. We also regret the watering down of language on proposed steps forward in particular the need for an International Nitrogen Coordination Mechanism.  

thank you cofacilitators"


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