Support Development Alternatives new campaign - “When She Learns, We All Earn”.

Development Alternative  warmly invite you to join us in our unique new campaign, ‘Padhegi Wo toh Badhenge Hum’ in collaboration with NDTV.  Roughly, in English: “When She Learns, We All Earn”.

The campaign provides a great opportunity for you to support us in helping marginalized women acquire the basic means for a better life – reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic, and life and livelihood skills – and achieve our aim to liberate and empower 4 million women in 4 years.

Despite India’s enormous progress, the country is still home to three in five of the world’s non-literate women.  This lack of ability to read and write – or to calculate simple sums -- deprives not only the woman but also her family and community of their fundamental rights to better lives and livelihoods – and the nation of their ability to help build it.

TARA Akshar+ is a highly efficient, scientific and hi-tech -- almost miraculous -- learning program that helps adults, particularly women from poor homes, quickly and inexpensively to become literate and do basic arithmetic, and learn other valuable skills – and in the process get knowledge, confidence, respect and a productive, fulfilling life.  

It was created and is being implemented by the leading Indian social enterprise  - DEVELOPMENT ALTERNATIVES. With support from philanthropic donors, we have already graduated some 240,000 women in the poorest districts of the country enabling many of them to become entrepreneurs and community leaders.

It costs just INR 10,000 to transform the life of an illiterate woman and help her master the basic skills that are needed to get all other skills for engaging in the modern economy.

Please support this campaign – with whatever you wish to give -- by clicking on the link below and donate with Credit/Debit cards, Wallets, Net-banking, UPI, etc.   Your donation gets a receipt for 80G tax benefits.  All Indian citizens with an Indian PAN Card are eligible.

You will also get feedback on how the funds are used and a personalised “thank you” letter in her own newly acquired handwriting from the woman who receives your generous, life-changing support.





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