Join Campfire Climate Special with Dan Morrell and Guests May 27th 5pm BST

About this event

Our Climate is in Crisis

We have reached a tipping point where most of the world now accepts urgent action is needed to avoid a catastrophe. Convincing governments, businesses and populations has been a long road and the work continues.

We’re dedicating our next Campfire to four leading figures who have walked that road from the very beginning: Dan Morrell and his esteemed guests: Craig Sams, James Cameron and Jessica Rasmussen.

So please join the Campfire Climate Crisis Special on 27th May 5pm BST to hear the insights of our guests on the current state of climate change and action needed for the future.

Our Climate Crisis Pioneers:

Dan Morrell

From the first tree planted in 1988 to addressing the UN General Assembly Dan Morrelll has devoted his life to addressing climate change and was the main force behind the establishing the voluntary carbon market.

Craig Sams

Craig has been an outstanding contributor in the environment and whole food movements since the late 1960s. He is co-founder and chairman of Carbon Gold, founder of Green & Black’s Chocolate and Treasurer and Chairman of the Soil Association.

James Cameron

James has acted as an advocate in legal proceedings and international meetings on climate change including COP26 advising the EU Commission on creating the European Emissions Trading System. James’s work was instrumental in establishing the regulated carbon market.

Jessica Rasmussen

Jessica is Co-Founder and CEO of Two Magnolias Ltd - a firm dedicated to ethical investments.

Join us to hear from the man himself and his amazing guests – all whom are changing the world – making it a better place for all.

Campfire is live, online and free.


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