Happy to be part of the panel on Climate Channel discussing what might happen at Joe Biden's Climate Summit the 22nd of April



  1. I am particularly very happy to see that honorable President Mr. Joe Biden has taken Climate Change Issues on Top Priority with some other very proactive world leaders including our honorable Prime Minister H.E. Sheikh Hasina as one of the lead on this pressing issues to reinforce it to benefit people.
    As a CC and development activist, my desire is to see more actions on the ground to benefit millions, who are already affected and increased investment for the following areas for long term solutions;
    1. More new innovations for future generation solutions in different areas
    2. More actions, rather spending too much time on arguing issues
    3. Execute loss and damage service provision for the communities around the world
    4. Extended support smallholders and local enterprises or entrepreneurs to adapt more solutions to support food, water and energy as the biggest needs for generations
    5. Building awareness of students on this issues at all institutions and research centers for knowledge and skills transfer to the future leaders
    6. A common consensus of the world leaders with a common goal for the universe, rather only securing interest of own country.
    7. Special focus and prompt assistance to the country like Bangladesh, who are contributing less to the climate change (CO2 emission), however, suffering most caused by climate change.

    Good Luck for the successfulness of this summit for all the best outcomes
    Very kind regards
    Nazmul Chowdhury
    Innovator and Founder MD
    Pumpkin Plus Agro Innovation Limited

  2. Climate change is already a disaster for the world’s poor. It is also the greatest injustice of our time. The people I work with are not the ones who drive 4 wheel drives , they are not taking flights for a weekend break to London, Paris, Dubai and Dublin. Yet they are the ones who are already suffering because of climate change.
    I do have hope. There are ways to help people adapt to a changing climate. So please help and ACT NOW. Otherwise our ambitious targets for making poverty history will be a Fun and climate change will make poverty permanent.
    Nazmul Chowdhury
    Innovator and Founder MD
    Pumpkin Plus Agro Innovation Limited


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