Consultation open on UNECE People-first PPP Impact Assessment Tool until August 12th

The Project Team on the People-first PPP Impact Assessment Tool has great pleasure to present the draft version 1.0 of the People-first PPP Impact Assessment Tool that we would like to enter the Public Review phase as of today.

We hope that this Public Review phase can last until 12 August 2020 in order to allow all parties to have enough time to comment.

We request that all comments during Public Review use the "Template for Comments and Observations" which can be downloaded from here.  

The Team has not planned to consider any comments which do not use this template and which do not propose changes to allow to comply with the comments / observations made.

As we have made conscious efforts to reach out to many organizations and have attempted to make a fully transparent development and drafting process, we hope to have addressed most serious comments during this phase we have just finalised.

Please let us know if you need any further information or other elements.

The main references and contributors of the draft are mentioned in the page of the Project Team, who we thank very much for their very detailed contributions. All contributions received have been integrated into this draft v1.0 – so this is a complete document.

A special personal thanks to all members of the “People-first PPP Impact Assessment Tool” Project Team for their dedication and support.

The draft text of the project and the template to submit comments are available to be downloaded from the project website, where you may also find other documents, comments and revisions.

Comments should be submitted to the UNECE PPP Secretariat at using the Public Review Comments Template. 



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