information on Septembers High Level Events at the UN

Here is an update on the information that is currently available on the SDG Summit, as well as other summits, meetings and events taking place at UNHQ between 17 and 27 September 2019. The SDG Summit website will be regularly updated. The latest information on the SDG Summit can be found here.

Important UNGA Dates 2019

  • 17 September   Opening of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) regular session              N/a
  • 21 September   UN Youth Climate Summit                                                                                                            [registration closed 19 July]
  • 23 September   Climate Action Summit of the Secretary-General of the UN                                            [registration not yet open]
  • 23 September   Universal Health Coverage, High-level meeting                                                                   [registration deadline 9 August]
  • 24 September   Opening of the UNGA general debate                                                                                     N/a
  • 25 September   SDG Summit                                                                                                                                      [registration not yet open]
  • 26 September   Financing for Development, High-level dialogue                                                                 [registration not yet open]
  • 27 September   Samoa Pathway, High-level midterm review                                                                        [registration deadline 16 August]
Please, note that during the UN high level week, all summits, meetings and events demand specific registration due to security and space restrictions. Your Grounds Pass (ECOSOC accredited Organization) alone will not be sufficient to enter the UN Building. You will also need a Special Event Ticket to enter. Each of the summits, meetings and events above have their own registration processes to obtain Special Event Tickets. Obtaining a Special Event Ticket to one event will not grant you access to another. Each of the summits, meetings and events above are being organized by different people, please use the links to the websites to find out further information.

SDG Summit Registration
Registration for the SDG Summit has not yet opened. I will provide an update when it does.

SDG Summit Advocacy Opportunities
As stated in the modalities of the SDG Summit, a high-level ‘Representative from the Major Groups and other Stakeholders’ (MGoS) will be selected to speak during each of the six Leaders’ Dialogues, meaning that there are six different MGoS representatives in total. The nominees will be put forward by the Steering Group of the Coordination Mechanism of the MGoS. Please contact your Major Group or Stakeholder Group to find out more about the selection process.

SDG Summit Side Events & Exhibitions
There will not be an application process for ECOSOC accredited Organisations to hold side events or submit exhibitions in the UN building during the week. There may be further advocacy opportunities for the Major Groups and other Stakeholders, I will provide an update when available.

Kind regards,
 Gwilym Roberts-Harry

Office of Intergovernmental Support and Coordination for Sustainable Development


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